Step 1: Personal development test

Do you want more clarity about your personal development?

Take this free test to make you more aware of your potential for personal development. It takes a few minutes to complete. And you’ll get the results instantly for free.

45 statements

Below are 45 statements. These statements are designed to give you a viewpoint and to challenge you to take a position on it. They are not meant to be the truth and are not an attempt to convince you. The results show you to what extent you are open to other ways of looking. The answers provide a global insight into your potential for personal development. They show in which areas you can study more.

Move the sliders

Answer the questions below. Move the slider to the right to the extent that the statement applies to you.

1. I love myself completely and unconditionally.

2. I fully accept myself as I am.

3. I am a valuable person.

4. I hardly experience unpleasant tensions.

5. I have completely processed my past.

6. I let go of what does not suit me (any longer).

7. I understand that my emotions are mainly about myself and not about anything outside of me.

8. If something means a lot to me, it is because I give it my own meaning.

9. I can handle all situations.

10. I know what makes me feel powerful and also what makes me feel powerless.

11. I can easily find a suitable pace during the day.

12. I always adjust myself so that I am in balance in every situation.

13. I am fully responsible for how I feel at all times.

14. I am aware of my emotions and can direct them.

15. I can usually control how I feel.

16. I regularly take a moment to focus all my attention on what is going on inside me.

17. I am in constant contact with my inner knowing and deepest desire.

18. I usually use my intuition to guide the choices I make.

19. I know what I find most important in my life.

20. I understand that I need contrast to experience something.

21. I convincingly follow my own path and do not please others.

22. I know my deepest desires and feel what my life's mission is.

23. I use my unique talents and qualities every day.

24. I notice that my life is meaningful to myself and others.

25. I am aware of what I am paying attention to.

26. I set intentions for various events during the day.

27. I am passionate and happy about the things I do every day.

28. I know exactly what I want to achieve and make choices along those lines.

29. I take important steps to make my dreams come true.

30. I am successful and happy.

31. Perhaps it is true that I am not my body, but something spiritual.

32. I experience that there is an exchange between my body and my consciousness.

33. I am aware that who I am is mainly determined by my life experiences.

34. I have the valuable relationships I want.

35. I communicate mostly freely and openly, without any judgment.

36. I actively participate in different communities.

37. I create what I want in collaboration with others.

38. I easily ask for what I need.

39. II can fully imagine what it is like when my deepest wish comes true.

40. I understand what life is all about.

41. It is possible that my "consciousness" or essence leads more than one life.

42. Perhaps I consciously chose this life before I was born.

43. Perhaps my awareness may increase with every experience I have.

44. It is possible that there is something non-material that connects us all and that we are actually one.

45. It is possible that we are indeed one and that we need this world in order to have physical experiences.

All statements are points of view for inspiration, it is not the truth and it is not a conviction. The score is more about your openness to look outside the box.


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You have completed the test. You see your personal development score in the result. And you see your scores for your emotional power, authentic power and connective power. You will see the 15 goals in a traffic light report. Your greatest potential for your personal development lies in the red and yellow goals.


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Getting started

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