Sometimes you lose contact with your motives

Feeling inspired, authentic and successful is your natural state of being. It is natural to live and work based on your motives and desires. There are people who do that and there are people who have come out of contact with their real motives for all kinds of reasons. Many people are slowly and step by step removed from their personal motives. They are then guided by the values ​​and norms of their environment or by patterns and habits that they have built up. Sometimes that is very clearly visible. For example, people get burned out, a mid-life crisis or more need for meaning. These can be signals that they have moved away from their desires and motives. For example, sometimes they are not comfortable with their skin, without being able to pinpoint a precise cause, sometimes they are looking for ‘something’, without being able to name exactly what. You can get rid of your motivations by, for example, setbacks in your life or work.