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As a member of Personal Development XL for online self-coaching you have full access to all content with more than 1350 items. All content is searchable and categorized to meet your personal needs. You can use all tools, functionalities, including tests, (links to) videos, talks and templates. You can also test your potential for your personal development, in its entirety and per milestone. You can choose goals and milestones to work on, answer introspective questions for self-examination and self-reflection, compile your own plan of action, keep notes, make action plans, manage your results in your own dashboard, test your progress and record your successes.

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Discover how you can bring your personal development further. How you can be more in your full power. You may want to be inspired or gain insights. It’s all there for you!

Including coaching program

This choice includes five one-hour online coaching sessions. With the contact form you can request an appointment. The sessions can be via Zoom, Teams, Skype or telephone. You will receive the details after your application. In the coaching session you can put forward your personal questions, experiences, challenges, needs, etc. related to the topic of personal development.

The coaching program is with Tiny Kanters, the owner of this Personal Development Development website. He is an internationally certified senior life coach (ICF, EMCC). With his extensive experience in the field of personal development, he is happy to help you!

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