The inner power of free, true, one

The shortest summary of this website is: feel free now, follow your own path and experience your own reality. That sounds simple, but it is not for many people. The more you can use your emotional, authentic and connecting power, the easier this will be. Consider yourself, feel what is in you and lead yourself to your full power. Then you are at your best. Therefore, feel emotionally free, be your true self and experience coherence in everything.

Process of inner power
You can see the course of your inner power as a process. Below is a simplified representation.

  1. Incentives. Something outside of you requires a response from you. Also called triggers. (Input.)
  2. Self-reflection. Do not respond immediately, but take a moment to consider yourself. (Connect with yourself.)
  3. Inner response. Focus on what you feel for a moment. (Experience in the moment.)
  4. Self-awareness. Notice what information your thoughts and feelings offer you. (Information collection.)
  5. Personal leadership. Now, based on your inner information, consciously choose a response to that stimulus. (Output.)

You can strengthen your inner power by further developing your emotional, authentic and connecting skills.

From energy to your daily practice
In the XL method, personal development is approached more from an energetic origin and practical applications than from a psychological point of view. As you read this book, you will notice that in almost every subject a connection is made between the way in which you practically influence your energy on the one hand, and the way in which your energy influences your daily practice on the other.

Inner power through contact with your feeling
Inner power arises when you are in contact with your feeling, with your source. There are all kinds of reasons through which you come into contact with your feelings. Think of events that evoke thoughts and thus emotions; or things that inspire you; or noticing confluence or harmony. This allows you to turn inside and really feel what is in you at the moment. The information you receive then indicates, for example, what your needs are, or which are fulfilled, what your desires are and what resonates with you. When you are more aware of this, follow your feeling and act on it, you use your inner power. And so you take inner power; by turning in and bringing out what you feel, in who you are and what you do.

Areas of inner power

The XL method consists of an extensive framework for personal development. It helps you to be in your full inner power. Emotional power, so that you control your emotions and determine how you feel. Authentic power, so you know who you are and what you want, and achieve what you want to achieve. And connecting power, so that you experience coherence in your life and see that things are no longer so accidental.

Strengthen your emotional power. Feel free now
Feel emotionally free by feeling comfortable living in the moment. Do you want to love yourself more? Letting go of what does not suit you (anymore)? Determine how you handle situations? Finding a sustainable balance in everything that keeps you busy? And determine how you feel? Then strengthen your emotional power. Follow your joy, not your resistance. Be guided by the information from your emotions. Feel free.

Strengthen your authentic power. Follow your own path
Be and do as you really are by following and realizing your real desires. Do you want to be attuned to your true self? Do you want to know who you really are? Do you want to know what your life mission is, what fulfills you and gives you meaning? Do you often want to be in flow and realize those things that are really important to you? Then follow your own path of inner desires; do not follow the expectations of yourself or others. Be guided by your passion and desires.
Really be yourself.

Strengthen your connective power. Experience your own reality
Increase your own reality by asking and researching yourself. Do you want a broader view of yourself? Want to see the coherence in the systems in which you have a role? Want to know more about how you create your own reality with your thoughts and feelings? A bigger view of life? More insight into what consciousness is and in the unity of everything? Then follow your own feeling, not a teaching, dogma, or what others are saying. Be guided by what resonates with you. Notice what is true for you. See unity in everything.

Self responsible for your power
Developing your inner power naturally starts with taking ownership of it. No one else can develop your inner power. No one else can have your will to work on it. You must of course be prepared to invest in yourself and to make attention, time and money available for this.

Develop your power with the XL-method
There are many self-help books, websites and videos. Why would you like to work with the XL method? The greatest power of this method lies in its direct, practical applicability due to the substantive framework, the more energetic approach and the concise and positive approach.