Tiny Kanters

Demand for clarity and overview

I started this website and my new book because I noticed there was a need for it. In my coaching and mentoring I notice that people want clarity and overview in the field of personal development. I offer that clarity and overview on the website through the 15 goals, 75 milestones and 10 themes. I have also noticed that for many people there is a barrier to hiring a professional life coach. That is why I offer this website as a means for online self-coaching. Here you can test your potential, do introspections (example), be nourished and inspired to develop and grow as a person. You can manage and test your progress using the dashboard. You can develop in your own way by choosing your results and deciding for yourself whether, when and who you want to hire as a professional coach. I hope you enjoy your personal development.

Become an incredibly rich person
For me, personal development is about “how you deal with yourself, with others and with your environment”. How you do this largely determines how you feel in your life. I believe that personal development is an important part of your life. I would say it IS your life! For me, life is about developing and experiencing the joy of becoming what you want. Isn’t life about experiencing what you desire and feeling what it is like? As far as I am concerned, personal development should be a standard subject from primary school. Usually your personal development is automatic and unconscious. You can of course also consciously work on your personal development. People often pay attention to personal development, if they want to be or do something and if it does not go the way they want. You can of course use personal development to be the newest, best version of yourself. I also believe in the malleability and originability of your life and your happiness. I believe you can influence your circumstances more than the circumstances affect you. I believe in the emotional, authentic and connective power of people. You already have it all in you. Above all, it can be so much fun and it can make you incredibly rich. Enjoy it.

About me
I am Tiny Kanters MKM, an expert in the field of personal development. I am a professional life coach, team coach, mentor and inspirator. I am also an artist. My talent is to make people feel what is really important to them. So that they can be aware of this and who they are and what they are doing, they can adjust accordingly. I activate your inner wisdom. Most of what I have learned about personal development I experienced myself in real life. Life brought me an intense contrast in not being who I am and being my true self.

More of my art works…

My personal development: In my life I went through some major transformations
Until I was 40 years old I had not studied myself. Until I first felt what unconditional love was. This made my world a hundred times bigger at once. For the first time in my life I discovered myself. My essence. It shook me up. A lot of puzzle pieces fell into place. A sense of completeness. I chose to take this opportunity and completely change my life. It was now or never. This choice was one of the most important choices I have made in my life. Now there is nothing like before. I do what is really important to me and what really suits me. I am really myself now. I can feel again, I am connected with myself and the other person and I am sensitive to my own signals and those of others. I have experienced my soulmate encounters as sneak previews of ultimate connection with myself and with my soulmates. Unconditional love stimulates my personal growth.

I am a professioal coach
I am a international certified (ICF, EMCC) senior coach. Through my experience I can empathize and support you with important themes in your life. My strength is that I have experienced what it is like to be NOT myself and I have experienced what it is like to be Myself. I can help you to be ‘less in your head’ and ‘more in your feeling’ and more yourself and by bringing clarity. In my work it is therefore a common thread to bring people a step closer to themselves and their feelings. Activate inner wisdom with the wisdom that was released within me. I give my clients the wealth that I experience myself. Become an incredibly rich person too!

More of my coaching…

My dream: becoming a millionaire
My dream is to support 1 million people to increase their level of consciousness. They help to be a richer person. Through my personal interaction, books and websites I let people be more and do what is really important to them. I am very happy if I can help people a step further in their personal development and in their lives. I myself have been an incredibly rich person for years. I wish everyone that wealth.

My vision is that you’re the boss over how you feel, not circumstances nor situations. You are the owner of your emotions. So basically you decide how you feel. And if you want, you can learn to decide to feel good. Anytime, no matter what. In more and more moments of your life. And since you’re the boss; you are an actor versus reactor. So you can learn more and more to co-create how your circumstances and situations will be. How you feel is perhaps the most important ingredient for this.

My expertise
I am an expert in inspiring people to inner wealth. By bringing clarity and overview into how they (can) deal with themselves. Via an accessible, simplified view. What this yields for them is: emotional freedom, authentic power, and inner peace.

My way
My way of working is to make people feel the potential of greater awareness. This feeling can initiate exploration and stimulation of their personal growth. I support people to take full ownership and leadership of their lives and growth. To live their lives full and enjoy the process of personal growth, step by step.