Getting started

mechanisms with impact

This website gives you a look behind the scenes of some of the mechanisms of life. Mechanisms that we are often not very aware of. It is precisely these mechanisms that largely determine our lives. This website provides you viewpoints to practice mastering it more. You can stimulate your personal development with the help of mainly practical applications. Get started right away in your own way.

Watch the introduction video to get started with your personal development.

Self-reflection as a basis
By considering yourself you get away from the issues of the day. You take some distance from yourself and you look at yourself in a larger whole. This way you can use the handles in this book to find out where you are now, discover your potential, and think about what you want to let go, renew and develop.

Asking for help is a sign of great strength
You want to develop further and you have sought and found help in this book. You can also ask for help in the further course of your personal development if you wish or need it. For example, hire a professional coach if you want extra reflection and support.

Personal development is an inside job
By using your inner power as a basis, who you are and what you do really arise from yourself. This is not (anymore) determined by your routines, fixed thinking patterns or by expectations of yourself or of others. In order to find and know your inner power, you have to delve into yourself and increase your self-awareness. To use this power you must activate, cultivate, strengthen and bring it out. To use your power productively, you must practice and pay attention to it. Then your inner power can grow.

Makeability and ownership
Your inner power contributes to the malleability of your life. This means, among other things, that things no longer only “happen” to you, but are also manifested as a result of, for example, your desires, thoughts and goals.

In that sense you are the creator of your own life, which means that your life is partly makeable. This also means that you are responsible for this in your life.

Personal leadership
Personal development is especially fun to do. The inspiration items for each topic will get you started. And on the website you can design, execute and monitor your program in your personal dashboard. Your personal leadership ultimately determines what you make of it in your daily life and work. Personal leadership determines whether you will actually carry out the inspiration, ideas and devised actions; and when, with whom and how. Your personal leadership determines the result and return of your personal development.

Inspired action
With the XL method you choose what suits you and you shape how you will carry it out. Grow in your own way. Make sure you only do what really inspires you, what you support and what you like. Do not make big steps at once. That prevents you from putting pressure on it, which hinders you.

Achieve results
You may have a general goal such as “being happier” or specific goals that correspond to one or more of the 15 personal development goals. Or maybe you have even more specific goals, such as working on several of the 75 milestones. An effective way to start is by taking the test first to discover your potential.