Design your self-coaching program

Grow your own way

This website is a framework for self-coaching. It provides you with tools, leads and inspiration to create your own path to help realize your wishes for your personal development and growth. It is not about achieving the goals at this website in itself. These goals can inspire you to create your own path in the direction of these goals. With your own milestones and your own process. And your personal next steps in your personal development. The real goal is to experience joy in your personal development. Maybe the best thing about personal growth is becoming the new best version of yourself.

Five often used development steps

Step 1: Test your potential
Discover your potential for personal development with the Custom method. Outline your emotional, authentic and connective power and discover your development opportunities. Take the free test on the website and immediately receive the results. In addition to the general test, you can also test your potential per goal or per milestone on the website. After a while you can test your progress again.

Step 2: Formulate your learning goal
You may already have certain wishes for your own personal development. You are here for a reason. By Step 1 you know your potential. Now ask yourself what you want to learn about your personal development in the coming period. Think about it and sharpen your development wish. If you have your wish clear, try to summarize it in a short sentence or a few words.

Step 3: Choose your results and design your plan
Think about what results you want. Then choose the goals, milestones or theme that will help you with your learning goal. Or maybe you have more milestones you’d like to explore. Check them on the overview. Put together your own plan and get started.

Step 4: Monitor your milestones in your dashboard
You can get started right away with the milestones of your choice. And go deeper and watch videos, do exercises, execute your own plan and keep track of the progress of your results.

Step 5: Name your results and successes
Going through the steps is of course fun to do. You experience the joy of fulfillment with every step you take. It is also nice to list your successes and celebrate and cherish the results you achieve. You can do it here.

Deppening and actions per milestone

  • Deepening and viewpoints per milestone
  • Read the views and take notes.
  • Get started with Personal leadership (example) per milestone.
    Take the test, the introspection and make your action plan.
  • Learn more by Inspiration (example) per milestone.
    Exercises, videos, talks, illustrations, etc.
  • Save your worksheets and notes.
  • Test your progress

Coach yourself and let yourself be helped when you wish

At some point in life, you will likely have a desire for further personal development. This is often a signal that you want something different in your life. This can also create a need for coaching. This may depend on the intensity of your challenge, habits, underlying beliefs or behaviors, along with the degree to which you are ready to make a change. These things often determine whether you need formal coaching or whether you are able to apply self-coaching principles. You can schedule an introductory session with me here.

This site is designed to guide you on your own journey through self-coaching. Determine which changes you want to make in which areas of your life, take the personal development test to discover your potential. Choose the results and design your own process, or follow the five steps. Choose the self-coaching that suits you. If you want, you can get help from my professional coaching or your own coach.

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How to get started?

You may have general goals such as “being happier” or more specific goals working on one or more of the 15 personal development goals. Or perhaps you have even more specific goals such as working on various of the 75 milestones. An effective way to start is by doing the Personal development test first, to discover your potential.

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Personal development is practice

Words don’t teach, it’s about putting them into practice. It is the experiences in your daily life and work that make you grow. This website will help you and prepare your for that.