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You can do a lot for your personal development before you need professional help. Start by reading my book and using it as a workbook. Continue with online self-coaching on this website, where you will find much more information and tools. And if you need help, take advantage of additional coaching. Of course you can also use this book and the website as self-coaching and as pre-coaching for your own coaching process. Make the combination that suits you best. Combine the book and this website for online self-coaching, and supplement that with professional coaching when and where you want.

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This book is about personal development. That means here: how you become stronger by increasing and using your inner power. This way you can have more control over your life and work and increasingly create your own life, the way you want. You do this by delving into yourself and thus increasing your awareness. The book is an extensive framework for personal development. It helps you to develop further and to stand in your full inner power. Emotional power: so that you can control your emotions and determine how you feel. Authentic power: through which you know who you are and what you want, and achieve what you want to achieve. And connective power: so that you see coherence in your life so that things are no longer so accidental. Get started right away with 93 points of view, 225 exercises, 150 introspective questions, 150 test questions, space for your personal actions and 97 illustrations.
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Online self-coaching via this website from 19, –
The website contains many additional items, including tests, (links to) videos and talks, templates, and so on. You can also test your potential for your personal development per goal and per milestone. You can then choose goals and milestones to work on, answer introspective questions for self-examination and self-reflection, put together your own plan of action, keep notes, make action plans, manage your results in your own dashboard, test your progress and record your successes. The site contains more than: 400 exercises, 200 videos, 150 viewpoints, 150 illustrations, 75 tests, 75 introspections, 75 action plans, 50 templates and more.
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Online self-coaching
Do you want to get acquainted with the website at an affordable price or do you only want short-term support with your personal development? Then opt for online self-coaching for 19, – per month and can be canceled monthly.
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Online self-coaching + quick start
Do you want a powerful start to your personal development? Then choose online self-coaching + quick start for 275, -. You then have online self-coaching for one year, including a one-hour coaching session. This ends automatically after one year.
Offer of 403 for 275.
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Online self-coaching + coaching process
Do you want to get serious about your personal development? Then opt for online self-coaching + coaching program for 649. You then have online self-coaching for one year, including a coaching program of five one-hour sessions. This ends automatically after one year.
Offer from 977 for 649.
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Additional coaching from 149, –
Are you looking for more depth and do you want to invest in your life? Are you open to new perspectives and ideas and are you ready for a transformation? Then I can support you well as a senior coach. My clients say that my coaching makes them more open and connected. This makes them more self-reliant and less dependent on circumstances. They can rely more on their feelings and their inner wisdom. They have enriched themselves. Change is often the most difficult just before you start. I guide you in this process, so that you can go through it more easily and achieve your personal goals faster. Because that is my profession: bringing out the best in you.
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