Become more one; your connective power

You almost always see the connection between things. You know that your earthly body is temporary and that you are more than that: your true self is non-physical. You recognize connections and coherence in your life and in events. You understand life and its meaning. You know how to create and invite synchronicity. You realize that everything is caused by energetic co-creations. You know that every experience expands your consciousness further. You experience unity.

Who is the boss? You or a script?
Your connecting power can grow if you do not follow a certain script for your experience of reality. You can think of a script as a set of views or points of view, such as a doctrine, ideology or dogma. Instead, let yourself be stimulated by the things that are too “coincidental”: by the synchronicity on your path. You wonder how “it is possible”, why “it” happens. You look for answers that resonate with you. Then you automatically feel what the coherence of things is for you and what your reality is in it. This way you can expand your own experience of reality.

Experience unity and free yourself from dogmas
If you recognize yourself in the introductory description, you are in the power of connection. You use your insight to help you further. You have no resistance to the invisible or intangible. You know there is more than your eyes can see. And you know: if you cannot yet explain some things, you have the opportunity to further develop your connecting force.

Know your resonance to increase your reality
The truth does not exist. There are only viewpoints. Everything is true from everyone’s own point of view. Do not automatically follow truths from dogmas, teachers or gurus, but find your own answers. Ask your questions and look for suitable answers for you. Discover what your reality is, feel what is true for you. Form your own image and opinion. Find and follow your own path. No one knows better what is right for you and where than you are.

Being one is your natural state
By nature you are one with everything. There is only an apparent separation. You are another me, I am another you. We lose this feeling in part, for example because we want to protect ourselves against people who do not (seem to) want the best for us. Or because we have formed our judgments. Or because we have adopted values ​​and norms. All this puts more emphasis on the apparent separateness. Sometimes we even see each other or things as a counterforce.
But you can find the sense of unity and the connection with everything again and bring it back into your life. The topics of Connective Power help you with this.


Examples of development questions
Below you will find some examples of common development questions in the field of connective power. Maybe you recognize it or maybe you have another motivation to get started.

  • “How can I create more what I want?”
  • “Why does this (always) happen to me?”
  • “What is the meaning of my / life?”
  • “Do chance and fate exist?”
  • “How does something come about?”
  • “How does life work?”
  • “Is there more than this life?”

Examples of results achieved

  • “My life has become more makeable.”
  • “I better understand who I really am.”
  • “I can understand life better now.”
  • “I now see how I create my own reality.”
  • “My fear of death is gone.”
  • “Now I see the meaning of my existence better.”
  • “I understand that I function in a system.”

Goals for connective power

Goal 11. Self image
If you can see yourself as an energetic being, temporarily in an earthly body, a combination of person and source, you can attune your visible part to your invisible part.

Goal 12. Systems
If you can see all your relationships and interactions as systems in which you have a place, role and exchange, then you recognize that you are influenced by people and force fields.

Goal 13. Co-creation
If you can see that creating automatically starts with your thoughts and attuned to what you want, then you know no coincidence and you see thoughts become reality.

Goal 14. Live view
If you can see life as an everlasting process of joy in new experiences, you may recognize that our life continues in other bodies.

Goal 15. Consciousness
If you can see consciousness as an ever-expanding thing, in varying degrees, from individual to collective, then you recognize unity and see separation as something virtual.