Choose your personal development results

Source of inspiration

This website is intended as a source of inspiration, as an activation source and a framework for your personal development. It offers perspectives to inspire you to further develop your own way of looking. It offers exercises to activate you and to let you devise and execute your own exercises. And it offers tools for personal leadership by letting you discover more about yourself through self-reflection, through testing your potential and coming up with your own actions to get started right away.

Personal development

This website is about personal development XL. Personal development in this book means: getting stronger by increasing and using your inner power. This way you can have more control over your life and work, and more often create your life the way you want. You do this by delving into yourself, increasing your awareness, and being and doing from inner strength.


Customized means that you can choose your own results for your personal development from the content (75 topics); and that you can choose your own personal development process (by zapping, or by following The 5 Steps (see Getting Started), or using the “Personal Leadership” boxes on each topic. It also means that you can choose your own form of support: website and / or additional coaching.

XL framework

The XL framework includes three areas of personal development to help increase your inner power. They are divided into fifteen goals, 75 milestones and ten more common themes.

3 areas of inner power

The XL method has three areas of inner power in which you can further develop yourself and thus increase your strength. These are: emotional power, authentic power and connective power.

15 goals

Each area of ​​inner power is divided into five goals. You can indicate your greatest qualities for each goal.

75 milestones

Each goal is divided into five milestones. With the milestones you can get to work. These consist of a viewpoint on the subject, some exercises to inspire and help you discover your own exercises, and a framework of actions to help you discover your own actions.

10 themes

Another entrance to the goals and milestones is the common themes you can work on. Customize the milestones within the theme to your preferences.

What results do you want?

What results do you want to achieve with your personal development? Choose your goals and adjust the milestones you want to work on. Or choose a theme and customize the milestones you want to work on. Or choose only specific milestones you want to work on.

Reading guide

There is a coherent structure in XL method. Each goal builds on the previous one and so together they show a development in the depth of matter. Yet the method is set up in such a way that you can zap through it. As a result, you can come across the same information in different places. This information is then needed to understand the topic in that subject. This allows you to determine your own route through this website.

Below are some reading tips.

  • Choose from the 75 topics for yourself that you want to delve into and develop.
  • What is described does not necessarily have to be the case in all cases; they are not laws, but common things. Exceptions can occur.
  • Be inspired to discover your personal way of development; the website does not offer a fixed format with fixed steps.
  • Everything is for inspiration to take your own initiatives.
  • Everything described is points of view for inspiration; it is not intended as truth or belief.
  • The certainty with which some things have been described has been deliberately chosen to provide clarity; just like the weather woman does: it looks like the weather is like that, but we are never 100% sure.
  • This is an extensive framework; be gentle with yourself and don’t feel you should be adept at all 75 topics.
  • An open mind is useful for incorporating other views. If there is a contrast (something that is opposite to what you see or find), this can inspire you to develop your own points of view.
  • Everything in the book is intended as a presentation to shape or further develop your own way and points of view.
  • In short, do not follow this book unwillingly, but use it as a source of inspiration for finding and following your own path.

Have fun with your personal development!