Become an incredibly rich person

Do you have the feeling that there is more in you than that you get out of it now?

And are you willing to discover and develop this? Have you arrived at a point where you want a grander life? Leadership over your own future? Are you emotionally free? Really your true self? Are you of significance? And do you want to see coherence? Then invest in yourself and become an incredibly rich person.

Shine in your full power
Personal development at this website is about your development to be in your power and to use it in your life and work. So it is about utilizing your untapped potential of your own strength. The nice thing about potential is that it is already within you. You don’t have to do anything for that. This website is there to further discover, activate and develop your potential. So that you can shine in your full power.

Personal power is tailor-made
There are no secret formulas or mystical keys or a few simple steps for your personal development. There is no ready-while-you-wait way. It is custom work to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Everyone has their own potential, their own wishes or goals for development and their own pace and commitment.

Framework for personal development
There is not yet a generally recognized substantive framework for personal development. There are process approaches, psychological approaches or esoteric approaches. But there is no generally accepted way of personal development. This  website is an attempt in that direction. It contains an approach that you can tailor completely for you.

XL method
Personal development XL is a substantive framework for personal development. It consists of three areas of personal strength: emotional power, authentic power and connective power. It includes 15 goals with a total of 75 milestones. The XL method is intended to help you come into your full power. The starting point is that your power is mainly determined by how you feel (emotional power), how you do (authentic power) and from which perception of reality you look (connective power).

From the viewpoint of energy:

  • your emotional power indicates how your energy flows or is hindered;
  • your authentic power indicates what gives you energy and what you use it for;
  • your connecting power indicates how your energy is attuned to yourself and your environment.

Your emotional, authentic and connecting power
Your emotional, authentic and connecting power largely determine how joyful you are, how much energy you have and how you realize your desires, wishes and goals. If you are in your power, you will have a relatively joyful and fulfilled life. If you do not have that much power and / or if it is not evenly distributed, you can experience all kinds of resistances in your life and experience life as less pleasant and easy. The Custom method helps you to create more joy, fulfillment and success, by further developing your emotional, authentic and connecting power.

Clear and concrete result goals
A clear approach with SMART formulated goals provides powerful opportunities for your personal development. If you know your current strength and potential, your development is easier, more effective and more concrete. This clarity accelerates your growth. You know exactly what you can work on to achieve your personal growth.

Being and doing
At this website much attention is paid to your mindset, your state of being. It is more sustainable and productive to focus your personal development on being (how you are) than on doing (what you do). Because when you are a powerful person, you often act like this almost automatically. You take action inspired. If, on the other hand, you mainly focus on skills, techniques and practical implementation, you do more powerfully, but you do not automatically become a more powerful person.

Applying determines your result and success
You learn limited by words. The knowledge you gain with that is nice, but your real personal development happens through practice and by applying what you learn in your daily life and work. Therefore, the method does not contain long stories, but the essence of the topics covered, along with exercises to help you apply them.

Your next step is what matters
One thing is really essential for your personal development. That is the next step you are taking. You can take all the knowledge and make a beautiful plan, but in the end it is about your next step. About what you will apply in practice. That’s what matters most. Of course there is another step after that step and another step, etcetera. The next step is always the most important for a development.

Personal development is especially fun to do
It is nice to invest in yourself. It is nice to be busy getting the best out of yourself. This gives you confidence, pleasure and satisfaction every step of the way. Celebrate your successes. Above all enjoy it. And become an incredibly rich person.