Become more true; your authentic power

You almost always feel powerful. You feel you are doing what you want. You are attuned to yourself. You know who you are and what you want, know your life mission and follow your own path. As a person you work closely with your source. You follow your true desires and passion. You show who you are, what you can do well and what your unique value is. You know what gives your life meaning. You are often in flow and realize the things you want.

Who is the boss? You or expectations (of others)?
Your authentic power can grow if you no longer follow expectations of yourself or of others. Instead, you follow your inspiration and passion. Then you feel your inner desires and you get to know them better. With the realization of those desires your authentic power grows.

Be real and free from expectations
If you recognize yourself in the introduction above, you are in your authentic power. You use your desires to be in your power. You have no resistance to your inner motives. You follow your passions, are really yourself and do as you really are. Then you are your most beautiful and nicest self.

Know your passions to live your desires
You do not find your authentic power by seeking or striving for it. You feel it when you are in that power. If you are your true self. It is the result of living and working from your inner desires. The more you live and work from these inner desires, the more authentic power you experience.
For this you must of course be in contact with your inner desires, know them, use them and use them. If you use it in a useful way, you will automatically experience more inspiration, meaning and passion in your life and work. It is your own source of success, fulfillment and meaning. Being authentic, or being yourself, gives you power. It means following your own mission, appreciating your own uniqueness and fulfilling your own needs. You do not need approval or confirmation from others. You do things out of passion; not to achieve a result, not for valuation or profit.

Being real is your natural state
By nature you are authentic. But many people often unlearn their natural, authentic behavior for various reasons. We will live according to our own patterns and habits or according to expectations of others. Sometimes we are even outright pleasers. Then we are reactive in our behavior. But just as much as you can unlearn authenticity, you can also master it again. With the topics of Authentic power you can bring yourself closer to your natural and authentic behavior. You are going to do things your way. You become more proactive.

Examples of development questions
Below are some examples of common development questions in the field of authentic power. Maybe you recognize it or maybe you have another motivation to get started.

  • ‘Who am I?’
  • “What is the purpose of my life?”
  • “Is this it?”
  • “How do I get out of my head, and in the moment?”
  • “How can I give meaning and meaning to my life?”
  • “How can I do what really suits me?”
  • “How do I get into flow?”

Examples of results achieved

  • “I can now make choices more easily.”
  • “Now I can more easily achieve what I really want.”
  • “I can now be in the present moment with attention.”
  • “I discovered my life’s mission and passion.”
  • “I now know what is really important to me.”
  • “I have focus again in my life and work.”
  • “I feel really connected to myself again.”

Goals for your authentic power

Goal 6. Alignment
If you are in the moment and in touch with your source, you have an abundance of management information. By following your intuition and impulses you do what really suits you.

Goal 7. Identity
If you know the decisive milestones in your life, and your greatest life contrasts, then you know who you are. You recognize your values ​​and beliefs in behavior and expression.

Goal 8. Purpose
If you are aligned with your life mission and desires, and if you use your unique talent, you add value to others. This gives meaning to your life and work.

Goal 9. Flow
If you pay attention to the moment, are attuned to what you want, and express an intention, you can surrender to it and follow your joy and passion in a flow.

Goal 10. Realize
When you take ownership of choices, things become more malleable. This way you can set goals and release exact results, so that they are successfully created by your focus on them.