15 Personal development goals

Choose your goals…

Appreciate yourself
Love yourself more than anything else
Tidy your backpack
Let go of what is not needed anymore
You’re the boss
You choose how you feel about circumstances
Get grooving
Listen to signals, limit and adjust
Feel as you want
Take responsability and navigatie to feel as you want
Out of your head
Be present and aligned to your source, interact and feel
Know who you are
Know yourself, who you are, how you are
Be of great value
Know why you are here and what your life purpose is
Follow your bliss
Find your happiness and passion and surrender
Achieve your goals
Become what you want and bring your dreams to life
You & yourself
About your invisible part and expanded views
Our interaction
About interaction: the resonace and contrast
Attract & enrich
About creating of all creations together
Expanding together
About life, more lives and series of lives
About separating and unifying of consciousness

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