Goal 15. Consciousness

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One & consciousness



Consciousness can be seen as the awareness of existence. You realize that you are, who you are, and what you experience and have experienced. Therefore, it seems to be at the heart of everything there is. You could say that the purpose or purpose of consciousness is to bring joy to it. Consciousness can arise through a driving energy of desire to experience something, through contrast in order to experience and through the ability to realize and consider it.

You can view the awareness of existence, or consciousness, on all kinds of levels. From the smallest quantum particle to mega-sized things like the universe, to “everything that is” and even to unity.
Imagine that absolutely everything has consciousness. We as humans have individual consciousness: we can be aware of ourselves. We can be aware of what we are experiencing in the moment, such as our desires for the future, all past experiences, our thoughts, our bodily sensations, fantasies or dreams.
By comparing our awareness of different experiences we can experience joy, moods and opinions. As humans, we know different states of consciousness. Think of: instinct, conscious, unconscious or super conscious. Some have more extensive awareness than average in specific areas and can perceive, know or feel things that others cannot. You use awareness for example, to consider who you are, or to realize who else you want to be; to experience and experience how everything you do feels.
Consciousness gives you individuality and identity. Our human consciousness is only a small part of our real, individual consciousness. The vast majority of them are invisible and immaterial.

Consciousness can (temporarily) live in life forms in order to create and experience new experiences. You can be aware by just being. For consciousness growth it is necessary to experience.
Contrasts are needed to create experiences. The difference between one and the other, and the movement between one and the other, makes it possible to gain experiences. The desire to experience is the drive to discover new things, things that you have not yet experienced. This means that you are constantly gaining new consciousness.
Because there are infinite possibilities to discover, consciousness is something that can grow and expand endlessly. For us as human beings, you could see life as having joy in increasing our individual consciousness.
In addition, there is collective consciousness: the awareness of the group and the group experiences, like humanity here on earth. And the collective consciousnesses in turn also have a collective consciousness, which in turn have a collective consciousness, etc.
In this way, all consciousness that is there forms one large, collective consciousness of “all that is” or unity. The consciousness of the unity grows with every experience of every individual consciousness.

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