Goal 14. Life view

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In between lives
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Life series


Expanding together

View: everything that lives has consciousness; and life is about experiencing joy in becoming aware. You do this by trying out what you can be and do, and then really
to experience; and by alternating this with rest, with just being. Your life is a continuous process of individual awareness: you are and form your identity. You experience experiences through interaction. In this way you shape experiences together and increase your awareness.

Life is enjoying the joy of experiencing and being aware of it. This can be done by gaining new experiences. For that you need some things, such as a physical place and circumstances that make the experience possible, and others to experience and experience together.
Life is experiencing your desires and the expression of who you have become. This can only be done together. We need each other for the interaction to gain experiences and to share their experience. We need each other’s contrast; as well as the diversity of the other to inspire each other to new desires and to do business together. You can experience through small things, such as tasting a strawberry and discovering how it tastes, and through the larger things, such as living your life’s mission.
You could see the purpose of life in experiencing joy in it. It’s in the excitement of trying out what you like and what you don’t know yet. And also in the joy of every step in the process, in the joy of the experience, and in the expression of the experience. In order to make life possible, various facilitating matters are needed such as: interaction, freedom of choice, contrast to find out what you want to be and what not, consciousness environments (for example our human world on this earth) and working principles that ensure that all of this together forms a whole.

One of the most basic things in our life here is interacting with others around you.
Sometimes planned things are also needed to enable the experience you want. For example, part of your individual source can lead a human life, by temporarily staying in a human body on our earth and then returning again. You can repeat this many times until you are ready for new or different challenges. You have then experienced a series of lives and can then experience other series of lives for an ever-expanding awareness of your source.
Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes you manage to realize your wishes and sometimes you fail to realize them.
Life is often a try-out, while you try out what works less or better for you. As you experience more, life can get better and better.
Because of the contrast in your experiences you know better what you like and what you don’t like. This helps you choose what is best for you with each experience. With every contrast and every new experience, you discover new possibilities and preferences. You constantly build up a desire for new things that seem nice to you to experience.

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