Goal 13. Co-creation

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Attract & enrich

The creation process is necessary to accomplish things that are relevant to you. Everything starts with your desires. Your desires are the source of your intentions. Intentions create thoughts. Your thoughts trigger actions and attract energetically appropriate people, events and circumstances. Your actions become interactions and therefore co-creations. By realizing your intention you have enriched yourself and the other with a new experience.

Life is a sequence of creating new experiences. This usually happens unconsciously. You can also steer this more consciously, so that you create specific things in your life or feel that you have more control over your life. If you are aware of how the creation process works, you can sometimes better explain why something does or does not happen in your life, or why something does not work, or why it all goes so smoothly. If you consciously influence or steer the creation process, then you control your life more, you take over ownership.
Your intentions are a way to make your desires concrete in the moment. It indicates what you really want now. By focusing on your intention and thus forming all kinds of thoughts and images about it, you set it in motion, as it were. Your focus on these thoughts and images generates energetic frequencies. If they are relevant to you, they are immediately emitted or radiated by your source. Your source is in contact with other sources with which there is a relationship or with which there is potentially a relationship. You can see it as an energetic marketplace for supply and demand to achieve something together; as a kind of co-creation marketplace based on the attraction of the frequencies of your thoughts.

From the possibilities that your source sees in this marketplace, he will lead you to opportunities for co-creations, so that you can bring your intention to life. This is done using the management information of your emotions, intuition, impulses and feeling. This is how your intentions evolve into ideas, encounters, experiences and tangible things in your life. This way you create your own reality in collaboration with others. Practice small, simple things.
This principle of an energetic “marketplace”, based on the appeal of matching and collaborative co-creation possibilities, is fundamental to the creation process. Usually it goes by itself, via your source, and you are not aware of this. But if you do use the creation process consciously, you can also consciously influence and create your own reality.
The co-creation itself is an enriching experience, because it gives you the joy of working together and creating something together. You can experience joy at every step of the creation process.
You can enjoy that something is emerging and growing. And of course there is also the enriching feeling when your intention is really realized and manifested into something tangible. You can share this with others and thus enrich each other.

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