Goal 12. Systems

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Our interaction

Systems are places for interaction and exchange. They offer you an endless range of possibilities to live your life and gain experiences. You will enjoy living and working together, and you can realize your life mission. You could see them as large playgrounds where you can do all kinds of things with everyone; or as groups within which you co-create together through personal interactions and value exchanges.

For the most part, your life takes place within systems. Think of: the system of your body, mind and source; your family, the system in which you were born and raised; the system you create with your partner, family, your soulmates. But also social systems, social systems, online networks, associations and communities. And of course the organizational systems and teams in which you work, and all kinds of other systems with specific functions.
So there is a huge variety of what you can exchange with whom within all kinds of systems.
Systems facilitate life in interaction, connection and co-creation with yourself, others and your environment. They form structures in which we have a common goal, utility or interest. The system influences you and you influence the system. Many of our unconscious beliefs, inspiration, behaviors and patterns originate from these systems. Systems have a certain order. Everyone occupies their own space and position; and there is exchange with each other. It is of course interesting to know how that is with you in relation to others in those systems and to the system itself. For example, in a family system it matters whether you are the youngest, oldest or only child. In an organizational system it matters whether you are an employee, manager or freelancer.

Which systems do you participate in? What is your role? What do you contribute? How do you function in it? What amazes you? What will it bring you? How does it shape you? Are you there in a place that suits you? Which issues do you experience with whom and why, how do you deal with them? Do you have the right place and position? A lot happens in systems. Activities and processes take place, you add your contributions to it and you get personal experiences. A system is normally in motion; it evolves with the participants. Interrelationships and communication are important pillars of systems.
Within systems you will find unity, connection, and the joy and inspiration of things that appeal to you on the one hand, and contrasts and obstacles that stimulate resistance and development on the other hand. Within systems there are rules: how does it work, what behavior is part of it, who does what, who are the leaders, etc. We all know issues that seem to be repeated. Love relationships, working relationships, and friendships all seem to follow a similar pattern. What can help here is to systematically investigate the underlying dynamics and the origin of your patterns or symptoms. The insights you gain from this can help you with transformations or innovations in your life.

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