Goal 11. Self image

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You & yourself

You could see the essence of yourself as pure consciousness. Awareness of who you are now in this moment and what you are experiencing now through your mind. Awareness of everything you have ever experienced through your source. Your self, your pure consciousness, can gain new experiences, because part of it resides in your body as a spirit. Through the body you have interactions. Experiences are automatically added to your source.

We have an image of ourselves and often we pretend to be this self-image. But it is something you have, not what you are. There are all kinds of viewpoints from which you can consider yourself.
A very simplified viewpoint is that you are a non-physical energy, part of which remains temporarily in a physical body. Another word for non-material energy is “source”. Your source and your body work together through your mind.
Your body and mind together form your person with all kinds of personal characteristics. As a person you are constantly connected to your source; this happens through your emotions, intuition and feeling; they give you management information. With this you can ensure that you fulfill a suitable role for you, make appropriate choices and take appropriate actions. This way your source is a guide and signpost in your life.
Viewed more deeply, you are pure consciousness in your purest essence. This means that you can consider yourself. There must be something to consider for this! Precisely for that you create experiences from an infinite potential of possibilities.
Consciousness can be seen as the awareness of existence, created by the driving energy, contrast and the ability to consider this. In this way you can see yourself as a driving force of desire to experience new experiences.

Here you assume that your source chooses a certain life mission to gain a certain experience in this life through a specific role. Then you can say: I am the role I fulfill. You could also see yourself as love, as something that is part of a larger whole with which you experience a deep connection: everything is one. Then you can say: I am another you.
You can also see yourself as a “database” of consciousness experiences that you have become so far in this life and in all of your lives. Then you can say: I am my experiences. In summary: I am the one who now fulfills this role, like another you, to add this experience to my consciousness.
You as a person are the consciousness of yourself; realizing what it is like to be you. In a larger perspective, you are a part of your own greater disembodied consciousness, which is again a part of an even greater consciousness.
Your individual consciousness is a small part of everything there is. Of the total consciousness. Your individual particle is only seemingly separate. You are a part of the unit.

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