Goal 10. Realize

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Achive your goals

You have desires, dreams, wishes, intentions, goals, needs, ambitions. To bring them to life and realize them, it is important that you make choices and set priorities. Do the most important thing first. Take ownership of what really matters to you and make a global plan with achievable milestones. This way you bring yourself into a guiding energy. Then let go of your control, take steps and keep focus. Every step is one.

If you want to realize things, focus is important. Focus your attention and realization power on only a few subjects at a time. Now your goals have to compete with the issues of the day and all the other things you have to do every day; it helps to make them concrete. Concrete goals and global plans are useful to get into a guiding energy, so that you go in that direction. That state of being is the most important, because it makes it easier to make choices that match your goal. Feel and choose what is really important to you and really suits you. Set some goals and give this priority in your life. Don’t do everything. Don’t plan everything, either. Plan on testable outlines and then let go of your control as much as possible. This creates space for synchronicity and unexpected contributions, so that things can arise.
The combination of goals in outline, free space for interpretation and focus on your end result is a powerful recipe for actual realization. You have an ideal view of where you want to go and what this can look like. A goal helps you move in this direction. It stimulates development and encourages inspired actions. Realizing what you want is an ambition, not an end in itself.
Having goals makes the “travel,” that is, the process towards them more effective. But what matters is not effectiveness, but pleasure in this journey and enjoying every step you take and every progress you make.

To experience what you want to experience you have to take action. A goal gives you guidance, just like intentions.
Set fulfilling goals, so goals that make you happy, that you want to achieve. Check if they are feasible, or at least within reach, and if they are challenging. Focus.
Keep checking if a goal really suits you. Go on and keep moving with changing circumstances or with your changing wishes. Also, don’t be too serious. Keep a balance between manufacturability and originability. Receive your results and celebrate your success with every milestone.
Of course you don’t always have to realize goals alone. It is usually nice and also productive to involve others and work together.
Sometimes others can perform parts of your goal. What can help further is using your talent to achieve your goal. It is also very stimulating if you are in an environment that supports, stimulates and is positive towards your goal. Take a look for extra inspiration from people who have previously successfully accomplished something similar. Realize that you can look at your goal from various situations and that each can contribute something to your goal.

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