Goal 9. Flow

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Joy shows the way
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Follow your bliss

When you’re in flow, things go by themselves. You experience joy and effortlessness. These are the moments when your desires flow freely, come to life and achieve something concrete and valuable. It is a nice feeling when everything runs in a flow. It makes everything easier. You don’t have to work hard to get things done, because they come about almost automatically. Everything falls into place, as it were.

Our energy often cannot flow freely. For example, when we are busy thinking, planning, defining or doubting. By being in the moment, connecting with yourself and surrendering, you can allow your energy to really flow. Let go of your expectations, judgments and imaginations about what it should be like. This can create the freedom to surrender to navigating your feeling.
Flow is a specific state of consciousness (transcend hypofrontality), a kind of hyper-presence in which a part of your brain becomes inactive. In this state, your activity becomes self-fulfilling without regard to the outcome. You are intensely focused, so that your self-awareness and everything around you disappears, as it were. In flow your energy flows, in sync with who you are and your desires. Then you are free from resistance or you take the path of least resistance. You are focused on what gives you and others joy. You are in your element, full of clarity, full of inspiration and ideas and in your natural strength. Your sense of time disappears, time seems to slow down. In this way you can become a magnet that attracts people, events and circumstances that really match you or your intention.
Do you want to feel super good and at the same time perform super productively? Do you want to create things instead of consciously creating yourself?

Then make sure you are in flow. You no longer control yourself by planning your processes, but by letting yourself be taken along. Instead of the “sender” you are “receiver”. By surrendering yourself to your joy you give control from thinking to feeling. This creates the space to let yourself be carried away by what resonates with you. This is more playful and free than planning and executing. It can also give you bigger results than if you planned it. The amount of flow in your life is an indicator of the degree of happiness you experience.
You can follow your joy by connecting with yourself. Then you should
trust that the process will work out by itself so that you can let go of all resistance and surrender yourself. Then you can follow your impulses, follow your intuition. You start to feel instead of thinking and take an inspired action. Start by being present with your desires and yourself. Then determine your focus by expressing an intention: what do you wish for? Then let go of everything, surrender, stay in the moment and follow your joy. You walk the path of least resistance to your happiness by constantly choosing what gives you the most joy, excitement, inspiration and passion, without expectations about the outcome.

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