Goal 8. Purpose – Milestone: Desires

  • Explore what you want, for the moment and for later.
  • Explore what you want for your future.
  • Know your life desires.

Your true desires define who you will become

Your authentic desires are great sources of power that propel you forward. Desire is a life force, a source of joy, energy, willpower and inspiration. Desires come in all shapes and sizes. We have general desires, such as universal and social motives, that focus, for example, on your functioning, physical satisfaction or preferences in dealing with each other.
We also have authentic desires, such as dreams, wishes, ideals, motives, personal needs or preferences. Your greatest authentic desire is your life mission or calling. If you know your authentic desires, you also know your strength, potential and fulfillment. Your desires indicate what you want to discover and experience. Therein lies the potential of what you can accomplish or want to experience. If your desires are strong enough, you will realize them. When you notice what it is like to experience them, it usually gives you a strong sense of accomplishment. If you follow your desires, so live and work in accordance with your desires, you will become successful your way.

Then things often go with enthusiasm. If you want to live your desires more consciously, you can look them up more. It is those things that come out of your toes, that make your eyes shine, that make your heart beat faster. You can give them attention and bring them to life. Your true desires give direction to your future. They give you realization power from your vision of the future. They are the germs of what you grow.

Test your potential, do the introspection assessment, get inspired and define your actions.

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