08.3 My potential

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Take the test, and find your potential

You can use this potential test as a guide to see how relevant or important the content of this milestone can be for you. If you rarely do what is described in the propositions, then this milestone may offer you tools to improve those things. If you have always do what is described in the statements, then that milestone may be less important to you. It can be valuable to also ask colleagues or friends to complete the tests as they see you.

How to use: Keep the sliders to the left if you rarely do what is described in the propositions. Move the sliders to the right if you always do what is described in the statements. Set the sliders in-between to the amount that matches how much is true for you of what is asked. And… be honest to yourself 🙂 The test results are at your dashboard as a 'traffic light report' at this milestone.