08.3 My introspection

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Get to know yourself better

Use the introspection to find out what is most important to you in this milestone. You start brainstorming by answering the questions. Type the answer in one or two words in a white text box. Next: Check the most important ones with the checkbox. Next: Prioritize the most important checked boxes into your numbers #1, #2, #3. And summarize the best three in one or two words (or a very short sentence) in the bar. Now you know what is most important to you. Here you can give the most attention to in browsing the Inspirations and defining your actions for this milestone 🙂


Discover your desires

What you really want for yourself for your (near) future for your joy of life.
(Do not try to state general things or things that you no longer want. Consider which desire is behind your answer and enter this.)
Take half an hour to write down your greatest desires. The challenge is to write down your unique desires. Think beyond generalities such as: being happy, nice job, children, a lot of money, a nice house, and so on. What do you want for yourself? What is unique to you?