Goal 8. Purpose

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Life mission
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Value & meaning


Be of great value

We all come into this life with a certain desire. The desire to experience something new and to feel the joy of it. We have the inspiration and talent to realize this. This gives joy, meaning and fulfillment to our life. This makes us of great value to others. Each of us contributes to the lives of others in our own unique way. That also gives us joy, meaning and fulfillment.

In principle, you do not need to know your life mission or meaning in your life to be able to live it. You also do not need to know what value you exactly have for others. It is normally self-explanatory. It goes without saying. A metaphor for this is that you go with the flow of the river of your life. You do not yet know where you will end up and what you will encounter along the way. But you go with an open mind on the flow of your journey of discovery. E
njoying your journey and expectantly you will go on the way to the next part that unfolds.
However, it can be nice to know or discover something about your life mission, because you can then be consciously involved. Through self-reflection it is possible to discover parts of your life purpose from different points of view. You may recognize coherence and dependencies in your life, so that a common thread in your life becomes visible.
This way you could find out what inspires you and what deep desires you have. You can look at your unique talent, your qualities and qualities, and things that are of great value to you or that give meaning to your life.
If you know more about the meaning of your life, about your meaning in the world and what fulfills you, this sometimes brings more inner peace.

It may confirm or strengthen you in the sense that you are important, that you matter, that your life also matters and that it makes a lot of sense.
When you are in contact with yourself, you attract, as it were, a magnet for those circumstances, people and situations that play a role in following and achieving your life mission. Perhaps the most effective way to follow your life’s mission is to head for your joy, inspiration, and passion. Let your life be your expression of joy, love and passion. This is step by step. Usually one builds on the other in your life. Your life goal is not so much to achieve your life mission, but above all to experience joy with every step you take. It is about enjoying the life process and enjoying life itself.
To be able to live your life mission successfully, you are already somewhat “pre-programmed” with specific characteristics. Think of the environment and the family in which you were born and certain character traits.
We came into this life with a desire, something that we chose ourselves. Yet we always have the freedom to make other choices. With every new experience you expand your life experience. You can choose and do whatever you want with your life.

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