Goal 7. Identity

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Life contrast
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Know who you are

You are the most important person in your life. But who are you? You are not your name, your profession, your assets, your title or your income. These are qualities, properties or activities. You can see who you are as the sum of everything you have wanted, realized and experienced so far; the environment and the people who belonged to it, the obstacles you took and everything you discovered; and your specific way in which you have done and shown all this.

Your identity is mainly about what makes you unique and special as a person. What makes you and what distinguishes you from others. Uniqueness is made possible by differences. Your identity arises and grows by living. It is shaped by the experiences you choose and the way you experience them. Do you enjoy your experiences? Do you choose what you want to experience and what you have never experienced before? Or not?
Your identity changes with your experiences. When you look at your whole life, at the events, relationships and circumstances that have come your way, you discover more and more who you are. Your life path is part of your identity. Another part is what you show to others of yourself. Are you authentic? Or do you adapt yourself to others?
Your life is a series of life processes and life contrasts (that which is in contrast to what you find or feel). Which experiences do you choose? How do you experience them? This is partly determined by your behavior, your character and by your values ​​and beliefs. Your personality largely determines which experiences you choose and how you deal with these experiences.
Of course, one experience has more impact on you than the other. The experiences that have had the greatest impact on you, including the ways in which you have dealt with them, are particularly decisive for the formation of your identity.

In addition, relationships and general events and circumstances affect who you have become. And especially the ways in which you have dealt with this and the choices that you have subsequently made.
You could say that your identity is a collection of lived life processes with associated life experiences in combination with your personality (your authentic qualities and unique qualities). If you know what makes you unique and special, you also know better who you are as a person. Ask others what they think is special about you.
Some of your properties are pre-programmed at birth. Something like the fact that you were born with these parents is also an essential part of your identity. This expands further with all kinds of characteristics through developments that you go through as a person. You can influence that yourself. New possibilities and experiences arise outside your comfort zone. Find it. Take on the contrasts or explore the unknown. As the owner of your life, you determine your own choices in this and thus form part of your identity. If you are authentic in this, then you not only have an identity, then you also live your identity.

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