Goal 6. Alignment

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Inner leader
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Management info
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Intuition & impulses


Out of your head

Being authentic is attuned to your true self, your core, essence, source. Acting authentically is acting in accordance with information from your source. This is only possible if you are attuned to your source; this is essential. You often do this on your own. You can also consciously tune in to your source. This requires a state of being in which you are fully present in the moment and in your feeling. You feel as if you are doing what you really want.

Being attuned to your true self is your natural state. For example, look at small children. They almost always feel as if they are doing what they really want. Many people are often not so well attuned to their true selves later on. For example, because they are often in their head, thinking. Then they are not present in the moment, because your thoughts are usually concerned with the past or the future, or they are much present with their emotions or moods.
When in your head or emotions, you are “occupied”. You cannot be present with your true self at the same time. So ask yourself who drives you. To what extent is the issues of the day, with all your bustle and patterns? And to what extent is your true self at the helm?
Alignment with your source ensures that you are aware of your essential management information: your emotions, intuition and feeling. These are, as it were, your signposts for an authentic life. This gives you status information that indicates to what extent you also do this. By tuning in to this you can connect with your true self. This starts with being present in the moment and you do it by being present with your feeling. You are, as it were, in your own “bubble”. There you can observe the subtle information from your source.

A productive way to do this is to focus. In peace and quiet you enter the now by only observing (without thoughts, emotions and activities). You do this, for example, by just observing your breathing. At those moments it automatically comes out what really lives in you. Sometimes those are things that you have pushed aside, that you have shouted or compensated for with other things. You may become aware of your (unfulfilled) desires, or you may have ideas, insights or promptings. You can become aware of past experiences or pain. If you attune yourself sufficiently, pay attention to what really lives in you and also take appropriate action on it, you will behave authentically. Therefore, use your management information. Your emotions indicate the extent to which you do what you really want. A positive emotion for you indicates that what you do is in accordance with what you want. A negative emotion indicates that what you are doing is not in accordance with it. Your intuition indicates what the next step may be that suits you, sometimes in the form of spontaneous thoughts, sometimes as impulses. And your feeling indicates how you experienced something; it inspires you to long for something new, something you want to experience. A positive feeling can inspire you to do the same kind of action, a negative feeling can inspire you to do something different.

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