Goal 2. Letting go

> Milestone: Find resistance
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Look differently
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Tidy your backpack

 When you let go of what no longer suits you, you create freedom and space to choose what suits you. Experience the liberation of letting go of everything that keeps you from living your life rich and joyful. Whether it concerns fear, judgments, expectations, habits, beliefs, choices, feelings, events, contacts or anything else. It can help you to look at things differently and allow yourself to feel something. This clears up.

Your future and your present are easier when you are at peace with your past. You may be aware of what you are resisting, but it is also unconscious in your life. If you give your resistance, or its phenomena or cause, a lot of attention, it will make it easier to maintain itself. This way you can put yourself in a victim role or fighting role. This will confirm and strengthen your resistance even more. That is counterproductive.
Letting go starts with recognizing what you hold on to. Take over ownership. Realize that it is something in you and that it is not from outside you. Resistance says something about how you deal with specific things that come your way, such as circumstances and situations. Only when you dare to admit it is yours, you can also start to let it go.
Sometimes everything goes the way you want it and sometimes not at all. Sometimes life is even disruptive to you; this also opens up new possibilities.
Contrast is an important part of everyone’s life. It makes differences visible and choices possible. Contrast is necessary to experience and is inextricably linked to life and growth. Contrasts generate different viewpoints. The more viewpoints you have, the fuller your experience becomes. It motivates variation and innovation and is therefore an effective growth tool.

New ideas come about through contrast. The unpleasant side of a contrast, such as pain or anxiety or some other unpleasant experience, can sometimes stay with you unnecessarily or undesirably, while it no longer has any important function. It’s nice to be the boss in your life; to live independently, unimpeded, unhindered and fully authentic, without anything stopping you. And to be independent of your past and to be able to fully surrender to life.
Dealing constructively with what you experience as setbacks or difficulties is sometimes an art, but it can bring you a lot. What can help is if you learn to see the signal or message in contrast. What it says about you? This often immediately gives a different view of your resistance. It is important to dare to face your resistance.
It sounds contradictory, but if you look your resistance in the eye, as it were, you notice that it is getting less and less. If you accept or surrender your resistance and can embrace it, it can disappear. It is important to dose this in such a way that it is doable for you.
If your resistance is very high, long-term, persistent or extreme, it may be advisable to go into therapy for it.

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