Goal 1. Self love

> Milestone: Kind to yourself
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Yourself first
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Appreciate yourself

 What is more important than loving yourself? You are the most important person in your life. The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of your life. All your life. You are the most beautiful and valuable in your life. You are a source of love and strength. Do you realize that? And do you see yourself that way? And can you fully allow this feeling? You are already perfect as you are. Acknowledge and appreciate this. Love yourself. You are worth it!

Self love is a choice. Your choice. Sometimes we look at ourselves with a look full of expectations of ourselves and judgments about ourselves. We then tend to focus on what we think is still missing. We can also let go of this point of view and look at ourselves with a look of love and appreciation. Focusing on what we all are and what is there. This is a choice you always have. Find out if you can let go of all expectations of yourself and judgments about yourself in love. So that you can fully allow love for yourself and there is nothing to stop love for yourself. Self love is honestly loving yourself for who you are. It is acknowledging that you don’t have to be anything other than you are now.
Put yourself first in your life. Be kind to yourself. Accept everything from yourself. Be honest and clear to yourself. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself. Fully recognize and appreciate yourself in all your aspects. The more you truly love yourself, the easier you can experience joy and happiness. And the easier you love others and your environment. And the more you value yourself and others. Self-love can start with what is already there. With aspects of yourself that already feel good, that you already appreciate, that you already love. From here you can search further for things that feel good and then start to appreciate them.

Walk the path of least resistance to self-love by identifying where your love is already flowing or can begin to flow. Start with something small of yourself that you really love. Allow yourself to love yourself. Work on the relationship and love with yourself, keep investing in it. If the sense of self-love sometimes seems far away, take a look at what you can already love.
Can you already love the idea of ​​self-love? In any case, be patient with yourself and research, for example, what other things you can find now that you feel love for. This way you can already experience the feeling of love. One step at a time is also good. Do not put pressure on yourself to feel self-love, that is not self-love. We often want to feel seen, heard and appreciated by others. Ask yourself to what extent you feel seen, heard and appreciated by yourself. Sometimes it seems like we care about others more than ourselves. Consider what you feel the most love outside of yourself and see if you can feel this love for yourself. Determine who you value most outside of yourself and see if you can feel this appreciation for yourself. Can you feel the same mildness, compassion, and acceptance for yourself that you feel for some others? And more? See to what extent you can give yourself “a shower of love”.

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