Personal development by self-coaching

Do you feel that there is more in you than that you get out of it now? And are you willing to discover and develop what it is? Have you come to the point where you want a bigger life? Leadership over your own future? Are you emotionally free? Really be your true self? Are of significance? Want to see the coherence? Then invest in yourself and become an incredibly rich person. Personal development here means: getting stronger by increasing and using your inner power. Custom made by designing your development the way you want, with a choice of 15 goals , 75 milestones and 10 themes. You can design your own custom process. You decide how to do it yourself with the help of website + coach. Choose your results and start your online self-coaching at this website ? Test your potential for free here.

Become an incredibily rich person

You can do a lot for your personal development before you call in professional help. Start with the website. And if you need help, you can use (my) additional coaching. Make your own combination that suits you best. After all, it is about your development and utilizing your as yet untapped potential of your own power. In this way you can be in your full inner power and also use that power useful in your life and work. The nice thing about potential is that it is already within you. You don’t have to do anything for that. This website is there to further discover and further develop your potential. I help you activate your inner wisdom, bring it out and bring it to life. That’s how you become an incredibly rich person.

Discover your potential for personal growth. Explore what you can be, do, become 🙂

Decide what you want to develop more. Master your personal growth. And enjoy the process 🙂

Follow the 5-step program or zap your own way through. And realize your potential 🙂

Decide what you can do yourself and when to get help. Asking for help is a strength 🙂

Extensive framework

The Custom method is an extensive framework for personal development. It helps you to develop further and to be in your full inner power. Emotional power, so that you can control your emotions and determine how you feel. Authentic power, so you know who you are and what you want, and achieve what you want to achieve. And connective power, so that you see coherence in your life so that things are no longer so accidental.

Test your growth potential

This free test is to make you aware of your potential for personal development.

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I think that you are a great person already! You will see that you will become even greater.

Zap, plan & enjoy

Your zap by zap is far more fun than a pre-designed step by step program. Zap and/or design; zap through the goals, milestones and themes, or design the program of your wishes with the 5 steps for self-coaching. You are free to choose what fits you best. I think it is valuable to enjoy the process of personal development. It is a journey that makes you more what you really want. It gives you the pleasure of growing every day.









Tiny Kanters MKM

Tiny is a senior coach for teams and managers, and an author. He has years of experience in government, business and as an entrepreneur. He is internationally certified (ICF, EMCC) and trained. With innovative combinations of in-depth life concepts and a business approach, he knows how to enrich others and make them more successful. His passion is to empower people in their inner power. Read more…

Verifiable results

You can use the personal development test for a baseline measurement and for discovering your potential. You can then do specific tests for each milestone you want. And also for a progress measurement, whenever you want. You can see the scores per month in your personal dashboard. In this way you make your development transparent and verifiable. Important, because you can only change if you apply what you learn. By doing. Lots of fun!

On the website you can test yourself, do introspections, keep your notes and design your program, execute and monitor your program in your dashboard.
The site contains over: 180 viewpoints, 400 exercises, 200 video’s, 200 illustrations, 75 tests, 75 introspections, 75 action plans, 50 templates and more.